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The Deli Magazine: Watch Evan Myall’s faded video for new single Forever Mine now

Despite the current situation, we are coming up on Song of the Summer territory, and Evan Myall has an early contender with his track “Forever Mine”. The sunny single comes from his upcoming self-titled debut LP, which drops on May 8th. Inspired by Glen Campbell and George Harrison, the soft-rock-tinged feel-good song continues to power the modern psych-rock trend with chilled-out guitar solos and Myall’s breathy vocals spouting romantic verse. Should you manage to find some time for a sanity walk, find a nice open field to enjoy on your own and let the sunny vibes of “Forever Mine” wash over you. Take a look at the cinematic video for “Forever Mine” below.

Austin Town Hall: Evan Myall Shares Forever Mine Video

Evan Myall has spent the better part of the last decade in Sleepy Sun, but we’re here to focus on his solo work today, as he readies the release of a new LP in May. It’s a pretty gentle pop ballad, working with a steady bounce from the drum beat and a nice melodic vocal that winds its way around the instrumentation. I loved that the string arrangements, building in the song’s lushness, came in almost instantly; they gave the song this depth and elegance that permeates through its entirety. His self-titled album is being released on May 8th via Royal Oakie.

Earbuddy: Evan Myall – “Forever Mine” Video

LA based singer-songwriter Evan Myall Reiss, who you may know as the lead guitarist and songwriter for Sleepy Sun, is releasing his full-length debut solo album, Evan Myall, on May 8th via Royal Oakie Records. Says Reiss about the record, “We threw all of our colors at the wall; aspiring to make something wondrous. But within the words and melodies, a darkness revealed itself. So we had to learn how to grow and glow in the dark.” It sounds like you should expect the unexpected in other words. Today, we’re sharing his video for the album single, “Forever Mine”. It’s a intimate piece of pop that may get you through some of these dark days. Check it out above.

Music Musings & Such: Interview with Evan Myall

Frances is your new single. Is there a tale behind it?

Frances is a thinly-veiled love song. I wanted to stray away from lyrics that were too cryptic or mysterious. “I love you. We can do anything. This is why…”

It is from the upcoming E.P., Basic Gardening. What sort of stories and ideas influenced the songs?

Each song has its own tale. The lyrics document the human experience in the face of…desire, heartbreak; alienation and the feelings surrounding an impending doom. We’re all in this (life) together. Divisiveness isn’t helping anyone.